IPView is a small application which displays the current IP address on all your iphone, ipod and ipad’s network interfaces. The display is simple and divided into two boxes and a list, one for each kind of IP address an iphone can have and the list of previous public IP Adresses:

  • The first box is cellular IP, which is the IP address that the iphone will receive from the cellphone network.
  • Wifi IP is the IP address the iphone have obtained from a local WIFI access point.
  • Then the public IP, which is the IP address that the iphone presents to the outside world. It can be the same as the cellular IP, Wifi IP or an entirely different address depending on whether your cellphone provider or WIFI network uses NAT. Previous versions of IPview also displayed the devices MAC address and UUID, but this is no longer supported by apple so its removed from the iOS 7 version.

You could download IPView from the apple app store but due to lack of maintenance time it is no longer available.

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IPview ios